Works in Progress

The moment Kaila Fairbane’s mother took her final breath, Kaila became a prisoner of the immortal King Stephan. Once the kingdom of Kaza’s only Seer, the gifts of her mother have now been passed to 17-year-old Kaila, and the King wants them. Forced to live in the castle, Kaila must learn to navigate her new gift, the ability to see through the eyes of any person she’s touched. With the upcoming Rassemlier, an annual gathering in Kaza of the leaders from all kingdoms in Terra, King Stephan has plans for her powers. But before the King can use his new weapon, Kaza rebels steal Kaila away to their rebel camp. What she finds is that she’s not the only person in Terra who is gifted, and King Stephan has been draining those with powers to keep him immortal. Now they need the help of the last living Seer to stop King Stephan and end his reign of tyranny. 

A collection of short stories based on all things wicked. It will have hauntings, serial killers, back-stabbing best friends (literally), and a crazy ex boyfriend with a penchant for stalking.