Book Review: Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd

17-year-old Anouk is a Beastie—once an animal, now human, turned at the hands of a witch. Commanded by her mistress, Mada Vittora, Anouk is confined to their Parisian townhouse as a maid. Her other Beastie companions, Beau, Cricket, Luc, and Hunter Black, are forced into servitude so long as Mada Vittora holds their pelts.

But when Anouk discovers her mistress is dead, the Beasties have 3 days to find someone to re-cast their enchantment before they lose their humanity to the darkness of their animal selves.

Trapped between the desire to finally live outside of the townhouse, among the Pretties who are unknowingly influenced by the powerful Haute, and the rush to keep their humanity, the Beasties discover that there may be more to their creation than what anyone could have imagined.

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Bookish Resolutions: 2021

Listen, I know it’s just another day. Hours ago it was 2020 and the hell hole that the year became wasn’t going to close itself up at midnight. But let’s take a little extra care to humor one another’s resolutions this year. We all deserve that fresh start feeling, if you ask me.

Plus I’m a Virgo so I thrive on the idea of new beginnings, blank planners, and goal setting. I have horrible follow through, but at least it feels good right now.

And honestly, it does feel really good to be looking at a new year. 2020 was actually the worst. Apart from the obvious pandemic, an election that is a lingering pile of poop in the diaper of a whiny baby, and the realization that the world is on fire, I had some personal shit, too.

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