Bookish Resolutions: 2021

Listen, I know it’s just another day. Hours ago it was 2020 and the hell hole that the year became wasn’t going to close itself up at midnight. But let’s take a little extra care to humor one another’s resolutions this year. We all deserve that fresh start feeling, if you ask me.

Plus I’m a Virgo so I thrive on the idea of new beginnings, blank planners, and goal setting. I have horrible follow through, but at least it feels good right now.

And honestly, it does feel really good to be looking at a new year. 2020 was actually the worst. Apart from the obvious pandemic, an election that is a lingering pile of poop in the diaper of a whiny baby, and the realization that the world is on fire, I had some personal shit, too.

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Blog Launch! Welcome to Then She Reads

Hi! Hello! And welcome!

Be kind, I’m a little nervous. It has been a whole 2 and half years since I have done this.

“Done what?” you may ask. Well, own a blog for starters. Also read, complete a book, review a book, or write anything that wasn’t assigned for school.

Basically it’s been while since I have been able to do a lot of the creative things I love. It was 2 and a half years ago that I found out I was going to become a mom, and for some reason, something about that event made me drop a lot of things I enjoyed. And that was fine for awhile, but now I’m really starting to miss it.

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