Review System

No stars: I did not finish this book.
1 star: I did not like this book & would not recommend it.
2 stars: There’s potential in this book but it was not executed well.
3 stars: This book was not my cup of tea personally, so I might recommend it in certain situations.
4 stars: This is a good book & I enjoyed it. But it had flaws and inconsistencies. I would still recommend it, though.
5 stars: An amazing book that I enjoyed. I would recommend this.
All the stars: A favorite that I will recommend to everyone forever.

*Half stars on my blog will be rounded up for GR reviews but stated otherwise in the written reviews.
**I take zero responsibility for reviews done over a year ago.
***I also take zero responsibility for reviews that are less than a day old, as I tend to process the eff out of a book before settling on my final star review.