My name is Ashley and I am an aspiring author. As a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English, I have worked very hard over the past six years (yes, six!) to learn and grow through reading, analyzing, and creating literary fiction. Needless to say, I love to write and I also love to read. I focus, both reading and writing, in the Young Adult fantasy genre. I enjoy the themes of temptation and a naturally good character that toys with evil. My stories will make you fall in love with a hero, and then have to abandon your morals when your favorite character joins the dark side. If my stories give you trust issues, then it is a success!

Apart from reading and writing I am a single mother to a two-year-old daughter and a 12 year old blind and diabetic MinPin. We live in West Virginia, where it rains a lot but the countryside is gorgeous. I spend my (rarely) free mommy time writing, reading, and binging way too much TV.

On this blog I will be talking about books, TV shows, and probably just life in general. I love this community and I am so glad to be back here!

I really hope you enjoy my stories.

Thanks for stopping by!