30 Before 30

  1. Have a boudoir photoshoot
  2. Read 50 books I’ve never read before (1/50)
  3. Live somewhere I love
  4. Start therapy
  5. Start saving for Everleigh’s college
  6. Finish shoulder tattoo removals
  7. Start hand tattoo removal
  8. Get other thigh tattoo
  9. Reach savings account goal
  10. Pay off (non-student loan) debt
  11. Reach 300 blog followers
  12. Get paid to write
  13. Find a job I love and quit serving
  14. Lose 30 pounds
  15. Make progress writing Give Me Your Kings
  16. Start and finish Wicked Things
  17. Complete a Goodreads goal for the first time ever
  18. Learn to cook more meals for Everleigh
  19. Learn to make a pie from scratch
  20. Start a blog
  21. Develop a meaningful friendship
  22. Create scrapbooks for Everleigh (birth-1, 1-2)
  23. Host a family dinner/event
  24. Figure out where I am with religion/spirituality- and learn to work with it
  25. Fill my home with art from small businesses
  26. Learn ASL
  27. Post everyday on Bookstagram (do my best, anyway)
  28. Reach 3,000 followers on Bookstagram
  29. Learn to not procrastinate every task
  30. Watch Supernatural from start to finish