Bookish Resolutions: 2021

Listen, I know it’s just another day. Hours ago it was 2020 and the hell hole that the year became wasn’t going to close itself up at midnight. But let’s take a little extra care to humor one another’s resolutions this year. We all deserve that fresh start feeling, if you ask me.

Plus I’m a Virgo so I thrive on the idea of new beginnings, blank planners, and goal setting. I have horrible follow through, but at least it feels good right now.

And honestly, it does feel really good to be looking at a new year. 2020 was actually the worst. Apart from the obvious pandemic, an election that is a lingering pile of poop in the diaper of a whiny baby, and the realization that the world is on fire, I had some personal shit, too.

I had a heartbreak that ended up bringing some really dark things to the forefront that I am battling months later. I’m fighting to succeed in a job that depends on people not being stuck in their homes, and the state of the world for an empath like me is honestly draining my life force daily.

But it wasn’t all bad, I guess. I started therapy, which is slowly helping me to recover my dignity post-break up. I got a kitten who easily fell in love with me, which we all know is #catladygoals. My perfect and amazing daughter turned two and is learning so much, so fast that it’s dizzying. And I am still getting paid to write—which will never cease to amaze me (even if it’s not what I want to write about).

I also just finished reading (okay listening) to my first book in YEARS. I literally haven’t finished a book since before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter in early 2018. And it’s been a complete renewal of pre-mom me and it feels amazing.

ALLLL of this to say, I’m actually going into this new year hopeful and excited, and a big part of that is because I feel like the old me again, and I’m back to enjoying the things that truly made me happy—reading and writing.

So here we are then, time for my Bookish New Year’s Resolutions. They may seem a bit small to some, but they’re big to me. I’ve been so out of the loop for years, so I have a ton of catching up to do!

This year I want to read 52 books. This is ambitious for me because it’s one book a week. And honestly I don’t know if this is doable. But I’ve gotten comfortable with audiobooks now, so that’s helping me get through reading when I feel like work and mom life leave me with little time.

Because I’ve been so out of the loop, I’m not sure what has even come out over the past few years in terms of POC authors and diverse reads. I currently have Lengendborn and Cemetery Boys sitting on my nightstand. But I need recs and lists and to do some research!

When I stopped reading, I decreased my book collection by almost 300 books and just can’t justify spending all that money again. So I really want to have a semi-permanent book buying ban. I’ve already started checking out books from my local library, I’ve been using Libby for my audiobooks, and I’m really excited to not spend alllll of my money on books like I used to. I am going to give myself grace because Victoria Schwab is an auto-buy author for me. And I do have a few other authors that I have continued to collect. But I don’t have to own everything.

My current dream is my horror story compilation WIP and I am bound and determined to get that ish WRITTEN! Will it happen?? Hell if I know, but I’m going to manifest the ever lovin’ crap out of it.

As I mentioned before, I have horrible follow through, and that includes with book series, even ones by my favorite authors. I really want to be able to move on and tackle more recent books, but I feel like I have to finish those series that I loved and just never got through. The hardest part is, I will probably have to re-read what I have completed to get the full effect. Wish my luck there.

Okay, I’m going to stop there because I want to take it easy on myself since I just got back into this. Hopefully I have a little better follow through this time around!

As for non-bookish resolutions, I really just want to get to a place where I’m happy being me. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and with who I am and fulfilled in what I am doing. There’s a ton to unpack there but Imma let my therapist do that.

I hope you all have the greatest of New Year’s. The last one sucked and you deserve a chance to feel like there is something so much greater waiting for you in the next 12 months. I know it’s just another day, but it’s one we can be at least a little excited about, right?

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