30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30

So…today is my birthday. It is the first day of the last year of my twenties. I hadn’t put much thought into hitting thirty until the last couple of months. But lately it’s been on my mind that in a year I’ll be labeled as this whole entirely new group of people. I won’t be a twenty-something anymore.

In all honesty, it’s another year, nothing different from the rest. But I think as humans we need some point of re-start and re-generation. It’s why we thrive on New Year’s resolutions. Even though the start of a new year is just any other day, we get that feeling of something bright and shiny and new. And for some reason, it’s motivation (or we expect it to be).

Instead of looking at 29 as the year I become the best and greatest me, I want it to be the year I set up as success for my thirties. I don’t want resolutions, I want goals and plans.

I’ve gone through a lot of changes in the past year, some hurt and some healing. I’ve put a lot of people before me, and in ways before my daughter, and I’m not okay with that. So maybe this isn’t just another year, it’s my redemption story as a woman and a mom.

Okay, that sounds dramatic without any context, but my therapist would understand. So just go with it.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30. I have 365 days, which should be more than enough. Some things may sound trivial or unimportant. But everything on my list contributes to the goal of learning how to put myself first, how to be a great mom, and how to allow myself the freedom to have everything I want. And I’ll admit there are things I’ve just been putting off, and I’m hoping that an expiration date will force me to accomplish those.

So if you’re interested you can click here to visit the 30 Before 30 page where I will be tracking my progress. Here’s to finishing off my twenties strong!

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